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Reliable VPN application compatible with Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra

Reclaim control over your online experience with a secure VPN for Mac.

  • Effortlessly access blocked content with just one click
  • Compatible with all MacBook and iMac variations
  • Browse Safari with enhanced privacy and security features
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How to setup Diandian China VPN on Mac

Securing your online activities on your iPhone or iPad is made simple with the top VPN service for macOS devices in 2024. Setting up takes just five minutes.

  1. Select a suitable plan from the plan page.

  2. Download and install the Diandian China VPN app for Mac on your MacBook or iMac.

  3. Connect to any of our server locations.

  4. Enjoy unrestricted internet access!

If you need help, the Diandian China VPN Support Team is available via live chat and email.

Connect our Diandian China VPN in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Diandian China VPN connect step 1, tap on button to connect to VPN

Press the activation button to enable the Diandian China VPN. To connect to a different location, simply tap the location bar.

Step 2

Diandian China VPN connect step 2, choose VPN server location

Select a Diandian server location for the VPN from either the Recommended or All Locations tabs.

Step 3

Diandian China VPN connect step 3, secure access

Once activated, you can securely browse the internet, stream content, and download files with peace of mind.

Download Diandian China VPN for All Mac computers

Diandian China VPN works with all Apple desktops and laptops.

Connect to Diandian China VPN on:

MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac mini.

Diandian China VPN is compatible with:

macOS Monterey (12), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Sierra (10.12), OS X El Capitan (10.11).

Looking for the same exceptional VPN access on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? Simply acquire a VPN for macOS from our offerings and utilize them concurrently across all your devices. Moreover, you can configure your Mac to distribute a VPN connection via Wi-Fi.

Gaming on Mac with our VPN

Playing online games on Mac using Diandian China VPN ensures the confidentiality of your data and shields you from DDoS attacks. Moreover, a VPN can reduce ping times between gaming servers by connecting you to locations nearer to the network hosts.

If your internet provider is deliberately slowing down gaming traffic, Diandian China VPN can circumvent these limitations to restore your network speeds to their original levels. Some gamers have even experienced increased speeds in certain cases.

Frequently asked questions about Diandian China VPN

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to connect multiple devices using a single account, and the number of devices allowed depends on the plan you've purchased. Here's how it works:

  • It doesn't matter which platform you initially signed up from; for instance, if you signed up using the Android app, you can still use the same account to log in to the iOS, macOS, or Windows app.
  • The number of devices supported varies depending on the plan you've selected. In theory, one account can support an unlimited number of devices.
  • If the number of connected devices exceeds the limit set by your plan, you'll be prompted to remove other devices when signing in.
  • Each device can only be associated with up to two accounts, regardless of whether it's a computer or a phone.

Certainly! You have the opportunity to utilize Diandian for an indefinite period without charge by engaging in the "Daily Check-in" activity. Each day, you're granted 1 hour of free usage time. Additionally, you can refer a friend to earn 1 point for each successful referral, which can be exchanged for a 1-day pass. Here are the key points:

  • Diandian China VPN pledges to provide the "Daily Check-in" feature free of charge indefinitely.
  • New users receive 2 hours of free usage time initially, and you can obtain an additional 1 hour of free usage time the following day by completing the check-in process.
  • There are no restrictions on data usage during the free period, but access is limited to servers located in free locations.
  • You have the opportunity to accumulate points through our referral program, which can be used to redeem various plans.

Certainly! We provide a daily free trial period of 1-2 hours. To initiate your free trial, please follow these steps:

  1. Download our Diandian China VPN app
  2. Create an account.
  3. Select the "Daily Check-In" button on the home page.

Please be advised that the free trial offer is subject to change and may be discontinued at any time without prior notice.

Diandian China VPN prioritizes privacy and, as a result, does not retain any activity or connection logs. Furthermore, Diandian China VPN never stores any data that could be used to link specific network activities or behaviors to an individual user.

You can always contact us through the following ways:

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • QQ: coming soon
  • Telegram: coming soon

The split mode function in Diandian China VPN facilitates web applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Gmail, which operate on HTTPS. This mode adjusts routing for both HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443), allowing access to the web versions of these applications. However, the app versions may utilize different ports, posing a challenge.

Therefore, specific steps need to be taken to ensure access:

  • Utilize the "Global Mode" option available within the routing settings.
  • Modify the proxy configurations of the application. For example, here's an illustration showing how to adjust proxy settings for the LINE app:

    Line app zh-hans settings


  • If you attempt to sign in on a new device and exceed the device limit, you'll be directed to the "Unbind Device" page, where you can choose to remove connected devices to proceed.
  • You can also access the "Menu," then go to "App Settings," followed by "Device List," where you can select the specific device you want to unbind.

Losing track of usernames or passwords is a common occurrence, but we're here to streamline the recovery process for you. Here are the available options:

  • If you've forgotten your username, please contact us and provide a screenshot of your payment record for assistance.
  • If you've forgotten your password, just click on the "forgot password" option within the app to reset it.

We have found that, some users don't know which server to use after deciding which region to use.

We've discovered that some users are unsure which server to choose after selecting a region.

  • The location list only displays the regions. However, behind the scenes, each region contains hundreds of servers. Once you select a region, Diandian will automatically connect you to the best-performing server based on your network conditions.
  • If you're not satisfied with the connected server, you can always disconnect and reconnect to the same region, which will result in being connected to a different server.
  • You can repeat above step until you are satisfied.

Several common factors can contribute to network issues:

  • Reduced local internet speeds when the VPN is not activated.
  • Elevated traffic levels in certain VPN server locations.

To resolve these network issues, you can take the following steps:

  • Evaluate your local network speed by disconnecting the VPN.
  • Without the VPN connected, try switching between different network connections such as WiFi, 4G, and 5G to troubleshoot your network. For example, if your WiFi connection is weak, switch to a cellular 4G/5G connection.
  • Disconnect from the VPN, choose a different server location, and then reconnect.
  • If you'd like to stay in the same server location, attempt disconnecting and then reconnecting to the same region. Even though you select the same region, there are multiple servers available, and each connection may assign a different server.
  • Repeat these steps as necessary until you discover the optimal server for your needs.

Global Mode: Enabling VPN access for all online activities can potentially reduce the speed of local websites and app traffic.

Split Mode: The VPN is used exclusively to access commonly blocked websites due to geographical restrictions (like those blocked by the Chinese firewall), such as Google, YouTube, and Netflix. Local network connectivity is maintained for accessing Chinese websites.

You have the option to adjust the routing mode in the App Settings.

If you're facing difficulties accessing certain websites or apps, you might want to switch your routing mode to "Global Mode."

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns. We're here to help!

You can earn points by referring friends and then use those points to redeem plans. Here's how the process functions:

  • To get your "Referral Code" or "Referral Link," go to "Share & Gift" and click on "Share Now." Then, you can share it with friends or post it on social media platforms or your blog.
  • For every successful referral, you'll receive 1 point, which you can exchange for a 1-day pass.
  • After redemption, you can view your plans in the "My Account" section.
  • A successful referral involves your referee downloading and using the app. If your referee downloads the app but doesn't use it, your referral point won't be credited to your account until they start using the app.

Sometimes, there might be a delay in processing payments through the gateway. Here's what you should be aware of:

  • We support various payment methods, including Alipay, WeChat QR Code Scanning Payment, and UnionPay.
  • If you've made a successful payment but don't see the corresponding plan in your account, wait for approximately 5 minutes, then log out and log back in.
  • If the problem persists after following the above steps, please take a screenshot of your payment confirmation and contact us for further assistance.

While free VPNs and proxy services exist, they are not advisable due to their lack of privacy and security features compared to paid VPNs. Many of these services do not function as promised, some may compromise your data by selling it, and most fail to adequately protect your networks from potential attacks.

Our VPN security Diandian China VPN app offers an extra level of protection between your Mac and the internet, ensuring private and secure browsing, shopping, and content streaming. Apart from safeguarding your identity from online surveillance or data harvesting, a VPN also grants access to websites and content that might be restricted in your region due to censorship or firewalls imposed by your school or workplace network.

While macOS provides the option to connect to a VPN server in System Preferences, it is technically not a VPN service. It is actually a conduit that connects to third-party VPN services like Diandian China VPN.

It's simple! Download Diandian China VPN, choose a plan, open Diandian China VPN, and then click the "On" button. Your connection is now encrypted.


Diandian China VPN on your Mac will ensure that when you go online, you can do so with privacy and security. By connecting to any of our Diandian China VPN server locations you can hide your device's IP address, protect your data on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and access blocked websites.

Mac users love our Diandian China VPN app for Mac

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I always use the app that can keep my data safe. Diandian China VPN helps me relax knowing my info is secure while using public wifi.


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I use Diandian China VPN a lot with my MacBook Pro and never had any issue! Thank you for making my digital life easier @Diandian China VPN. Love ~ ❤️  


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Love using Diandian China VPN on my MacBook Pro - so smooth! Thanks, Diandian China VPN team! ❤️



Diandian China VPN enhances my social media experience by providing a secure and private connection, really thank you!


Why choose Diandian China VPN?

Multiple server locations

Access a vast array of server locations spanning multiple countries worldwide to establish connections on your device.

Tailored for swiftness

Diandian China VPN continually fine-tunes its servers to provide users with top-tier velocity.

Top-notch connection

Experience top-notch connection dependability and stability, ensuring a seamless online experience regardless of your global location.

Multilingual interface

Access Diandian China VPN's interface in various languages to cater to your language preferences, providing flexibility beyond English.

Best-in-class encryption

Employ cutting-edge AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard and shield your data effectively.

Advanced leak protection

Strong leakproofing is enabled by default, ensuring your privacy and security stay intact.

Access to world

Gain access to a wide array of applications and services necessary for work, streaming, and entertainment purposes from any location.

Conceal IP address

Conceal your IP address and geographical location to deter monitoring of online browsing patterns and metadata.

No activity or connection logs

Diandian China VPN guarantees that no records of your online activity or connection details, including traffic data and DNS queries, will ever be stored or logged, ensuring your complete anonymity and privacy.

Live chat support

Real time live chat to give you support about Diandian China VPN on any device. Or visit our Diandian China VPN Support Center for frequently asked questions.

VPN traffic split tunneling

VPN traffic split tunneling allows you use some apps and websites through a VPN while the others access the internet directly.

RAM Only Server

Our VPN servers exclusively utilize RAM to prevent any data from being stored on a hard drive, thereby ensuring maximum security for users.

Infinite data transfer capacity

Feel free to stream as many videos as you like on platforms like YouTube or Netflix without any restrictions on speed or data usage limits.

More devices simultaneously

Using a single Diandian China VPN account, you have the flexibility to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. The standard plan initially covers three devices, but additional devices can be purchased as needed.

Wide-ranging payment methods

Diandian China VPN offers a diverse selection of payment options including credit cards, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Union Pay.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Diandian China VPN employs advanced methods of encrypting and transmitting data, allowing users to circumvent internet censorship and gain access to restricted websites, applications, and services based on geographical location.